Norym Powell is the 2023 AAUW Independence                                                                            Branch High School Scholarship Recipient.                                                                                       Kathy Vest presented the award at the April 25th                                                                              Meeting.

Rachel Gonzalez, 2017 Recipient of the AAUW Independence                                                        High School Scholarship Award, was the presenter at the                                                                  April 25, 2023 Branch Meeting. Rachel’s talk centered on                                                                     Young Women in Politics and Leadership. She is pictured                                                                 here with Sue Shineman.

Barbara Leabo, Patty Petet, Jan Keeler, Patty Chadwick,                                                                           Judy Tucker, and Sue Raymond enjoying the Christmas                                                                         Luncheon at V’s Restaurant, Dec. 10, 2022.

Jane Campbell, Sharon Mitchell, Chris Nagel, Patt Braley,                                                                        and Pat Bounds at the Christmas Luncheon, Dec. 10, 2022.

Renee Freers, Debbie Abbott, Sue Shineman, and                                                                                    Lois Domsch at V’s Restaurant, Dec. 10, 2022.

Sue Shineman and Lois Domsch with AAUW displays and                                                                      information at the October 17, 2022, Pizza Ranch                                                                          Fundraising Event.

AAUW Independence members with the tip bucket                                                                                at the October 17, 2022, Pizza Ranch Fundraising Event.

Jolene Cerveny and Sue Shineman with a Proclamation                                                                    from the City of Independence honoring the Centennial                                                                      of the 19th Amendment Ratification Day.

Chris McMullen, with purses sewn for SewPowerful.                                                                                See  for more information.

Members Nancy Comtois, Lois Domsch, and Sue Raymond                                                                          at the Sept. 22, 2020 branch meeting.                                                                              

Jolene Cerveny presents Sue Shineman with the                                                                                      2020 Independence AAUW Woman of Achievement Award.

Students using STEM bins donated by Independence AAUW.

John Thornton presents the Toni Thornton Scholarship at the Kansas City Interbranch Council Brunch.

Kathy Keeton and Melissa Morawitz sell books at                                                                                     the Strawberry Festival.

Members gather for a program and business meeting.

2018 Award winning middle school and high school students.

Guest speakers at our Women in Government Program.

AAUW members meet in Jefferson City.

Independence Branch members meet with state legislators.